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Our Story

The idea for Perfwrap first started when discussing the daunting task of wrapping presents on Christmas Eve a few years ago.  My three brothers and I figured there must be an easier way…so we tried to wrap a package in saran wrap.  While the saran wrapped package looked just terrible, it did spark the idea that there must be an easier way... 

The next time I had to wrap a present, I found myself spending as much time searching for scissors and tape as I did wrapping the package.  There I finally came to the realization that the tools needed for wrapping a package can take way too much time to locate, and make the process of wrapping a present more difficult than it already is. Then I thought to myself, “What if you didn’t need scissors or tape?” What if the paper were perforated in straight lines at regular intervals, and coated with an adhesive pattern throughout?  You could do away with scissors and tape altogether.  From this realization, Perfwrap was born. The very next day I built the first prototype of Perfwrap at GM Nameplate in Seattle.

The validity of the Perfwrap concept was further reinforced a few months ago when my wife had to wrap several packages for an auction event that she was volunteering for.  Our two boys, ages 5 and 2, were nagging her the entire time that she was wrapping the packages: asking for juice, or a snack, or to borrow the scissors or tape for their own arts and crafts project that they were working on.  Each time she turned away from the packages, someone had swiped the scissors or tape, leading to a growing level of frustration. Seeing this all go on ultimately lead to me think how much easier this could have been with some Perfwrap around.

We’ve all shared the frustrations of gift wrapping: whether it’s losing the scissors, running out of tape, needing to wrap a gift without someone in particular seeing, lacking the spare time to wrap a gift, or simply not having the artistic capability to neatly wrap a gift. For reasons like these, Perfwrap was created.

Perfwrap is the first of its kind, everything included gift wrap, that eliminates your need for scissors or tape. As we like to say, Perfwrap provides "Ease and Style Wrapped into One!"

Jeff Root - Perfwrap Creator