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Q: How does Perfwrap work?

A: Perfwrap is a perforated, self-adhering gift wrapping paper - meaning it rips in straight lines and sticks to itself. The perforations and adhesive on the paper eliminates the need for scissors or tape to completely wrap a gift. Please see our instructional video to see how the product works, as well as our recommendation for wrapping techniques!

Q: How long does the adhesive last?

A: Perfwrap can be stored up to 1 year in its folded state without affecting the adhesive. The adhesive will dry out if it is exposed to the air for an extended period of time.

Q: How much can I wrap with one package of Perfwrap?

A: One standard package has 18 square feet of Perfwrap - this would wrap 6 "standard shirt size" boxes.

Q: How durable is Perfwrap, despite its perforations?

A: Perfwrap is very durable - only the perforations that are creased beforehand will tear. However, if Perfwrap is handled aggressively or improperly, it can rip anywhere.

Q: Are the perforations visible?

A: The perforations are a "micro-perf" pattern, so the appearance is minimal but the lines can be seen. So while they are slightly visible, they do not detract from the designs on the wrapping paper.

Q: How many designs/patterns do we carry?

A: We currently carry 2 designs (polka dot & solid) in four different colors (dark blue, red, baby blue and green). More patterns are coming soon!

Q: Do we do custom designs or licensing?

A: We can quote custom designs upon request. Minimum order requirements will apply for custom designs. Please email for inquiries or additional questions regarding customization or licensing.


For any questions not answered here, please email for additional information!